Gina Renee Understands Each Client’s Hair Care Needs are Different

Its Gina Renee’s goal to provide every client with individualized attention that focuses on their particular hair care needs; and specializing in making the client’s hair work for them daily.

Gina Renee’s Background

Gina Renee has been in the industry since 1999. She sought out the prestigious Pivot point academy for beauty school, worked for Mario Tricocci, Salon Liv Chicago Gold Coast, furthering her fashion show expertise.  Then Gina was hired at Frank Gironda’s as a young talent colorist.  At that point she decided to receive further training in styling at Heidi’s Salon, a Vidal Sassoon training program. Once specialized in all fields of hair design, she started a clientele in the Naperville area.

Since 2010, Gina Renee has been available independently to fit your schedule, budget, and hair care needs.